Comfort, Care, Compassion: bringing residential hospice care to Durham Region

There is an undeniable need for palliative care in Durham Region – help us bring residential hospice care to our community!

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Campaign Update

We’ve raised a large portion of the total funds needed for our two hospice residences.

Thank you to the outstanding generosity of the residents, businesses, service clubs, church groups, and others of our region.

The continued commitment to our project is both inspiring, and humbling. Our volunteers have not stopped working for one minute. Our donors and supporters have not turned us away; rather, they have stepped up and pitched in – by making donations (large and small), by spreading the word, and by finding creative ways to raise money while confined to home or office

It’s a well-known truism of fundraising: the first 80% is hard. The last 20% is REALLY hard.

Help us reach our goal and break ground soon.

Campaign background

Hospice residences provide comfort, care and compassion at the end of life in a non-institutional setting. Governments around the world, including in Ontario, recognize the value of providing quality end-of-life care as part of the continuum of health-care services and with that recognition in mind, Durham Region Hospice is committed to building hospice residences in Clarington (nine beds) and Whitby (10 beds) enabling Durham Region to help serve approximately 200 to 300 residents and their families per year… all at no cost.

The annual cost of hospital end-of-life care in Ontario is valued at $4.7 billion, and a typical acute care hospital bed costs approximately $1100 per day, marking a considerable drain on the province’s health-care system. Those costs become even more significant when considering that only five per cent of annual expected deaths require care in a hospital setting. The remaining 95 per cent can be better managed in a hospice residence care centre, which has an estimated cost of only $460 per day.

The numbers speak for themselves – there is an undeniable need for hospice residence care in our community.

Please help Durham Region Hospice provide this is much-needed care by making a donation today. Thank you.

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